Facebook Ads Campaign for 30 Days

Facebook Ads Campaign for 30 Days

Reach people where they spend their time: on mobile and social media

The COVID-19 crisis has brought unprecedented changes for businesses, but your customers are still out there. You just need to know where to find them. With the Facebook Ads Campaign package, you’ll connect with the people who will love your business.

The best part? It’s yours with no contracts for an incredible price.

Price: $597 BIG DEAL

List Price: $1,500

You Save: $903 (60%)

GoSocial Facebook Ads Campaign for 30 Days

Connect with the people who will love your business

At GoSocial, we understand that there are two essential needs for a business to get back on track in a post-COVID world. First, you need a reliable channel to build brand awareness. And second, you need to reduce your costs.

With our Facebook Ads Campaign for 30 Days package, you get both. All for an incredible price!

How’s that for a stimulus package?

Millions of businesses, big and small, connect with people on Facebook

2.5 billion people use Facebook every month to connect with friends and family and to discover things that matter.

Our job is to help you find new customers on Facebook and build lasting relationships with them.

No two businesses are alike. That's why Facebook is built to help your business meet its specific goals.

We specialize in telling your story beautifully on any device using the Facebook and Instagram ad formats designed to capture attention and prompt action. Our ads work across devices and are built to help you reach your goals.

It’s simple, it’s cost effective, and it works.

That’s what we call a win-win.

That’s why we built the Facebook Ads Campaign for 30 Days package. You’ll reach genuinely engaged users, all powered by Facebook and managed by one of our experts.

Here’s everything you’ll get when you sign up:

1 Facebook Ads Campaign

3 new ads every 30 days (2 images and a video) based on our own proven designs

Compelling ad copy for all your ads

Full campaign setup and configuration

Configuration of the Facebook pixel code on your website

Ongoing management and optimization of your campaign for 30 days

No contracts - Optional renewal every 30 days

⚠️ Facebook Ad Budget is separate and will be billed directly by Facebook to your credit card

On top of all this, we’ll also set you up with a dedicated Facebook Account Manager who will call you within 24 hours of your purchase – and keep you in the loop throughout the month.

Facebook Retargeting Ads Campaign for 30 Days

BONUS: Now Includes Facebook Pixel Set-Up To Retarget customers (even AFTER they leave your site)

When it comes to online advertising, second chances don’t come easy.

Most visitors won’t buy on their first visit to your website.

But, thanks to the power of Facebook retargeting, that’s a thing of the past.

Retargeting with the Facebook Pixel unlocks the door to staying in front of prospective customers - even outside of your website.

Here’s how it works in just 5 steps:

Retargeting ads are shown to users who have already visited your website or engaged with your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

These users will already be familiar with your brand, making them more likely to purchase. You can’t afford to miss out on these high-value users

With a smaller pool of users to target, the cost of each click is far lower than a regular campaign – meaning you get more for your budget.

Because these users already know your business, less time and money are required to develop creative elements.

Retargeting ads are so tightly focused that their Return On Investment far exceeds other campaign types.

We’re certain that once you’ve seen the results our ads can produce, you’ll never try anything else.

Want to put that claim to the test? Now you can – for an incredible price.

Facebook Retargeting Ads Campaign for 30 Days

How it works

After you complete the checkout process, you’ll receive an email from your dedicated Facebook Account Manager with a brief questionnaire about your business to get you started.

Step 1: Fill out a simple questionnaire

Within 24 hours of your order, you’ll receive an email from us with a brief questionnaire. We’ll ask you a few key questions about your business and introduce your dedicated Facebook Account Manager.

Step 2: We get to work

As soon as we receive your completed questionnaire, our digital team will begin working on delivering your Facebook Ads Campaign package.

Step 3: Receive your customized action plan

Your Facebook Account Manager will send you a plan detailing everything we’ll do to deliver your Facebook Ads Campaign package, anything else we need from you and the delivery date for your order.

Step 4: Your campaign will be Live within 7 days

Yes, you read that right. Within just 7 days, our Facebook Ads team will deploy your campaign – you don’t have to lift a finger. Then, we'll manage and optimize your campaign for a 30 day period.

Is the 'Facebook Ads Campaign for 30 Days' package right for your business?

With 253 million monthly active users in North America alone, we know how much of an opportunity Facebook represents. We designed this service to unlock that opportunity for you, too – especially if you’ve been hit hard by COVID-19.

This product is perfect for your business if you:

Have used paid online advertising in the past, but may have stopped due to the crisis or excessive cost

Are a US-based business with an active online presence

Need to cut costs while still generating new business

Want to not just survive the recession, but thrive

GoSocial Digital Marketing - Is this product right for you?

Here’s what we’ve already achieved for some of our clients

We helped a Law Firm in Los Angeles grow their leads from zero to 400, generating millions in settlements. Even better, we started generating new qualified leads in just 5 days.

GoSocial Case Study

A Fertility Clinic in Orange County was having trouble reaching new customers, but with our help, they generated 200 leads – at a cost of just USD$40 per lead.

GoSocial Case Study

In the hyper-competitive mobile app space, we took a gaming app for iOS and Android from an install base of zero to 60,000 at a cost of only USD$0.77 per app install.

GoSocial Case Study

Don’t wait.

Harness the power of Facebook Advertising today.

If the COVID-19 crisis has knocked you down, now is the time to bounce back. Our 'Facebook Ads Campaign for 30 Days' service is the best – and most affordable way – to do exactly that in just 7 days .

A fully managed Facebook Ads retargeting campaign

Hit the ground running with your campaign Live within 7 days

100% money-back guarantee if we don’t launch your campaign on time

Ad copy, images, pixel deployment, optimization, a dedicated Account Manager, and so much more

Delivered by a team of Facebook Advertising experts with over 15 years’ experience

Bespoke agile processes designed to retain quality service at budget-friendly prices

GoSocial business team

Are you ready to turbocharge your lead gen and become a social media maestro?

When we saw the impact that COVID-19 has had on businesses across the country, we knew we had to act. By streamlining our service delivery and optimizing our team, we can deliver enterprise-level results at prices that won’t break the bank.

Sign up for the 'Facebook Ads Campaign for 30 Days' service today and see where it could take your business.


Since partnering with GoSocial the results have been nothing short of outstanding. GoSocial’s Facebook campaigns really pay for themselves, and we started receiving new, quality leads from Facebook within days. They’re experts in digital marketing, highly professional, and truly care about helping my business grow…which is rare in this industry!

- Mike S., Los Angeles CA

I highly recommend GoSocial for your social media marketing needs. After some time of trying to figure out how to do it myself, I ran across an ad on Facebook for GoSocial. Steve and I spoke about what we needed and what he could do to help us reach our goals. We’ve been working together now for three months and I feel confident that GoSocial has built our business a strong social media advertising foundation that we can continue to build on for years to come. Steve took all the stress out of social media marketing so that we could concentrate more of our time and energy on other aspects of our business. He went above and beyond our expectations. I highly recommend GoSocial and we are excited to continue to work with them for our social media advertising needs.

Andrea P., Seattle WA

Facebook and Instagram advertising for lead generation in any field is mind-boggling. I have had the opportunity to look under-the-hood of GoSocial to see Steve’s mastery, expertise and complete command of the Facebook/Instagram advertising process. Leads can be very expensive and challenging to obtain, and if you are looking to add those high-quality clients at the best cost imaginable – GoSocial is the right partner to trust. I highly recommend GoSocial to take your business to the next level and beyond. 

Shanon C., Houston TX

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We're GoSocial Marketing, a digital marketing agency that loves to help businesses save money. Our founder and CEO, Steve Attard, is a graduate of Henley Business School with a Masters of Business Administration. Steve has created marketing campaigns for start-ups as well as industry giants including McDonald’s, Nivea, and Pepsi. Since launching in 2016, GoSocial Marketing has helped businesses of all sizes to bring in a steady flow of clients using our mobile and social media marketing solutions.

How can you deliver high quality services at such a low price?

When the health crisis hit, we knew we had to survive, but we knew other businesses did too. That’s when we decided to streamline our processes, combine our cross-channel expertise, and create a one-stop digital marketing store to get your digital marketing up to speed fast. By completely reinventing our delivery processes in an Agile way we could then pass our cost savings on to our customers.

What does the Facebook Ads Campaign for 30 Days usually cost?

A Facebook campaign with this level of management would usually set you back around USD$1,500. However, we’re offering this limited time Special Offer to help businesses get back up and running. We’ve developed a proven Facebook Ad retargeting method designed to reach customers who are interested in your business and more likely to convert into paying customers. Thanks to our agile in-house system, we can deliver this exceptional level of service for much less than any of our competitors - so what are you waiting for?

Can I order a Facebook Ads Campaign for 30 Days Package for multiple businesses?

Because we’ve had to restructure our internal teams to make this service possible, we’re only offering 20 packages right now. We wouldn’t want to compromise quality by overburdening the team – so act fast!

What happens if you don’t deliver all of the services on time?

Don’t worry, because you’re covered by our Delivery Guarantee. While we naturally can’t guarantee any sales, we can guarantee that all of your marketing services will be expertly deployed and delivered within 7 days of purchase.

Ready to turn a crisis into an opportunity?

The business landscape has changed, but you can change with it to come out of this crisis stronger than your competitors. With delivery in just 7 days or your money-back, isn’t it time you took your business to the next level?